Monday, February 20, 2012

~these boots were made for working~

You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their boots.

These are just one pair of my husband's boots.  One of many. 
And they all look (and smell) identical.
I appreciate these boots and everything they represent. 
My husband is a hard worker.
(Here's a little story.. bear with me for some background info and I'll get to my point in a few!!)

Before we were married, my husband and I lived together, went to college together, and worked together.  I think this says a lot about our relationship and how we are now with our family.  While one might think this is too much time together (and trust me, sometimes we BOTH felt that!) it worked for us and an added bonus was being able to ride together, too.

Anyway, we worked at a golf course together.... he was on the grounds crew and I was the Horticulturist. Our boss at the time would always come into work wearing his Carhart jacket, jeans, and Dickies work boots.  Mr. Boss-man would have his hands in his pockets telling us plans for the day and such.  For an entire year, I would watch this man give direction to his employees and occasionally he would go out on the course and help. 
But he would never, EVER work up a sweat or get dirty. 
And we all noticed this.
And I remember this about him to this day.

Now, I know some people are naturally cleaner than others and some people really make it a point to have their appearance in tip-top shape at all costs.  And that is OK. 
There are even hard working people out there who have clean boots, and some 'not hard working' people with dirty boots. 
While I have no statistics to prove my thoughts, I am still a firm believer that you can tell a lot about a person and their work ethic by looking at their boots.

My husbands boots are proof of the man that he is. 
He is a worker.  He gets the job done, no matter what. 
Anyone can pick them up and see he has had a full day of work.  He knows they can easily be knocked together, wiped off, or poked at with a stick to get the mud out.  He doesn't care what they look like, how muddy they get, if they are spray painted while striping a football field..... they serve a purpose. 
And I've stopped complaining about him taking them off all the time, even when he tracks the mud in.
Why?  Because I appreciate him and all he does.      

His boots were made for working.... 
not for looking handsome in.
P.S.  Although, I must admit he is really good at doing both at the same time! :) 


Anonymous said...

I love how you think it doesn't matter how your boots look like or it doesn't matter about the price of your pants it just tells who you are. I LOVE THE BLOG! Keep posting

~Kelly~ said...

Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment!

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