Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I'm already looking forward to strawberry picking season.  Although the soil is not ready for planting yet, it sure felt like it today with the weather at 67 degrees.  It is such a beautiful "winter" day, although I am so anxious for Spring. 

We usually only have a couple of plants growing at home in my favorite purple pot on our back patio.  We don't harvest too many at home, but the boys enjoy watching these as they change from their white flowers, to the "green small strawberries", to the light pink and then vibrant, red, plump, juicy fruit.

We make an annual trip, a.k.a."Adventure", to a local strawberry patch to pick most of our strawberries that I use for making freezer jam.  Last year we hit the patch late in the picking season and got the last crop.

Yesterday I was cleaning and washing a couple of quarts of strawberries in the sink.  I've done this for years, but I tried something new this time. It was an epiphany!!  And after I was done, I wondered why the heck had I not done this before!  Don't laugh.. I know you've been guilty of this, too. 

Are you ready to hear what amazing thing I learned??

It will forever change the way you wash, clean, and "de-stem" your fruit.  Here it goes:

I ran luke warm water in the sink, over my hands, while holding the berries instead of freezing, ice cold water.

Call me a slow learner, if you must.  Laugh... you might. But I felt like I had just passed a really hard exam with flying colors.

So, if you've been guilty of letting the cold water run wild
while cleaning your fruits and veggies
(like I have forever.. and why!?!) 
give it a try...
move the handle over...
your hands will thank you!

Life changing, I tell ya!


melbatoast68 said...

Oh yum! I can taste it! I LOVE strawberry season!

~Kelly~ said...

We do, too! The ones we are getting now at the grocery from far, far away just aren't cutting it. Can't wait for the local, fresh ones.

Pigeon's Mom said...

this is the first year we have a patio of our own and i was just saying to my baby boy (my most captive and accomodating listener) that we must plant strawberries and basil in some pots for summer! it has been in the 80's here--and breezy and generally delightful, esp for march in the midwest!--all week and i've been craving strawberry pie...can't wait either!

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