Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I put this together for a little gag-gift for my Dad's 60th party.  Perfect for a centerpiece, my Dad thought it was funny, and the kids all liked picking out a sucker to take home.  You could use this idea for any age and pick whatever kinds of suckers you wish. 

For this project, I used:

Block of green craft foam
Quilting pins
17 Tootsie Pops (1 bag) 
43 Dum-Dums  (about 1/2 of 1 bag)
Wire wrapped floral pick scrap
Sharpie marker

It only took about 10 min. to put this one together.  Next time I will fill in the space right under the suckers with something so the foam doesn't show.  

Can't beat a centerpiece/gag-gift for under $5.00.  Word of caution... be careful not to drop it.  I found this out the hard way... twice.  Most of the suckers stayed in, but the foam became dented on the bottom. 

*Don't mind all the bottles in the background... needless to say, we had a pretty fun celebration!  And I dropped it twice BEFORE consuming any of said bottles in the background, thank you very much! 

Now head on over to  Hope Studios  to find other fun ideas!  I'm joining in her weekly "Tutorial Tuesday"! Enjoy!! 


Anonymous said...

Cute idea I will have to do that!! Keep posting

melbatoast68 said...

Very cute! Don't worry about dropping before drinking. We are notoriously clumsy in my family. For us it would be a bonus that it made it there in one piece so to speak.

Thanks so much for your sweet words. It's been a few days and I still get choked up when I think about it. It's not that they didn't make states...it's that they are growing up and leaving the nest and their mamas. That is what is truly what is breaking our hearts.

~Kelly~ said...

Yeah... I am shocked it made it in one piece after all!

I, too, am already thinking ahead to what it's going to be like without my boys home. I just told my oldest he can live here, at home, forever if he wants. And then my husband yells from the other room, "No you can't... when you are 18 you are out!" :) Looks like we'll cross that bridge when it get's here!
I'm sure it will be hard, but remember: you've done a great job being mama and it's time to let them spread their wings and soar. And they always know where they can fly back if they need ya!

lisa @littlecoffeebeans said...

Thanks for sharing your thankful list yesterday. Reflecting on the little things is such a good reminder of how sweet this life is. And speaking of zinnias...I noticed your little Lorax carrying our favorite seeds in his basket (love everything about that costume!). Hope you have a great day!

~Kelly~ said...

I couldn't agree more, Lisa, about the little things!! And, YES.. they were Zinnias... picked out special because 1) I LOVE them! and 2) they stand tall like Truffula's and are colorful. I think it is lovely that you named your daughter that. How sweet! Thanks for stopping in~ come back anytime. Take care!

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