Thursday, February 16, 2012

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Have you heard the news?!?!  One of our favorite stories is making it to the big screen March 2nd! 
Are you as excited as we are to go see The Lorax movie??

I thought I would share with you a few pictures of Derek (from Kindergarten) when he got to dress up for school in his favorite story character.  They celebrated a whole week of Dr. Seuss fun and had activities for each day. 

On this day, Derek was *The Lorax*.
We bought the bright orange fleece at a thrift store and I cut the sleeves. The hunting hat was on clearance at a local store.  We had some thick yellow yarn and felt on hand and we tied them in knots around two K'Nex pieces for him to hold for his mustache. 
It all came together and I thought it was adorable!

In keeping with the story, we decided he should hand out "Truffula Seeds" to all of his classmates to plant at home.  I picked up a variety of flower seed packets and just printed off these new labels. They fit perfect in this little wire basket for him to carry around and pass out!  

Needless to say, the costume and seeds were a huge hit with his friends and teachers.  And we had Truffula plants blooming all along the side of our shed that year!!

Do you have a costume idea to share??
Please feel free to leave a link to your idea in the comments! 
(And now you know where we'll be March 2nd...)

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Laura Emily said...

yay! I was excited when I heard it was coming to theaters soon. His costume is adorable.

~Kelly~ said...

Thanks Emily! If we lived closer, I'd treat you to a popcorn at the movies. But you'd have to fight the kids for the peanut M&M's!!

iheartorganizing said...

Awww, so stinkin' cute! <3 We are very excited for the movie as well!


Michelle said...

This is so cute!! I am sure he had a great time at school. I want to take my son to the movie too. We love reading all the different Dr. Seuss books.

~Kelly~ said...

Thank you, Jen! Glad you stopped in for a look!

~Kelly~ said...

Thanks, Michelle! He did have a great time. Never a dull moment when you crack open a Dr. Seuss book... love them! Enjoy the movie if you go!

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