Monday, February 13, 2012


Old magazine and book pages

It's amazing how these little hearts can add such a sweet touch to your home!  The ones above have actually been up in this window since last year.  When the light is on in this room, you can drive by our home at night and see these pretty little heart silhouettes dancing through the curtain.  It's something simple that makes me smile when I pull in the driveway in the evenings.  I might just leave them up there until next Valentine's Day, too. 

They're just that pretty.



Sofia's Ideas said...

Oh, I love this! Its right up my alley - simple, frugal, and green! :)

Laura Emily said...

Ooh! i LOVE them! Makes me wanna go make some right now and leave them up too!

~Kelly~ said...

So true, Sofia. That's why I loved them, too!

Go for it, Laura... they'll make you smile!

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