Thursday, February 9, 2012


'Knockout' Rose from my garden, Summer 2011

Title:       Flowers
Setting:     At the dinner table
Characters:  Derek , Mom, Dad, Austin

Mom:  "I've never, EVER, gotten flowers for Valentine's Day!! "
      *Glance over at Dad, sitting to your left*

Dad:   Give Mom, sitting to your right, a glaring, squinted *look*.

Derek:  "You know what, Mom? Neither have I!!?!?!"

Austin: Laugh

Mom:  "OK, Derek.  How does this sound: I'll buy you flowers for Valentine's Day if you buy me flowers for Valentine's Day!?! Deal?"

Derek:  *Smile BIG* "Deal!"

Dad: Smirk

Austin: Laugh

The End 

1 comment:

Laura Emily said...

aw. Hopefully this mister won't let you down!

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