Friday, January 13, 2012

~what goes up... must come down~

Today is THE day.  
All of this holiday goodness will be packed back up and loaded into the shed.  The kids tried to convince us to just leave the Christmas decorations up all year.  Tempting as it sounds, when they arrive home from school today they will see a cleared out house.

My little one will probably be the most upset. 
He still has that *sparkle* in his eyes, weeks after Christmas....
a look I'll savor forever.
It's all about making memories.
The fun part is knowing that in November we will be pulling those boxes back out and making NEW ones.

It's time to get busy and carefully wrap up and tuck away our favorite Santa's, handmade ornaments, nativity set, advent calendar, and stockings.  They will sit patiently through the seasons until, once again, we will find ourselves unwrapping this magical goodness. And that *sparkle* will return. 

(Derek requested and will be happy to find 
that I'm leaving the mistle-toe up.  Who says we can't sneak kisses year round?!?!)               

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