Friday, January 6, 2012

~take me out to the ball game~

Being a mom of two boys is the most wonderful gift ever. 

I had two brothers and always played sports with them and the neighborhood boys as a child.  My mother says I had a golf club in my hand from the time I could walk.  When we weren't on the course, we often hit the tennis court for fun.  In the summer you would find us either swimming at the pool or water skiing at a nearby lake. Winter shifted us onto the beautiful white slopes skiing.  Every season we were active doing something.  

The same thing holds true with our family of four now.  Wrestling, basketball, football, and baseball fill our calendars throughout the year.  We enjoy other sports, also, as our schedules allow.

Baseball seems to be the one sport that is a common passion in our family~ both playing and spectating.  Our older son has his first indoor practice tonight and it will mark the beginning of a new chapter in his life.  He will be on a new travel team this year and is really excited for this opportunity.  Austin has big, BIG, dreams.... he's very competitive and passionate.... and I LOVE that about him.  There is nothing stopping this boy!

My mind swarms with thoughts of visiting new ball parks, feeling the hot sun warming my back through the lawn chair, the smells of grass & soil, tasting the oh-so-salty-popcorn and hearing my son decide what color Gatorade he'll choose, the sound of a bat cracking, and the cheers from spectators. 

I will always be your #1 FAN, Austin....
in baseball and in life.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly. Just saw your blog for the first time. Your pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing.

~Kelly~ said...

Thank you! I welcome you to stop by again. Have a lovely day!

Anonymous said...


Enjoyed your first few entries and was looking forward to hearing more. Keep going. Please!

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