Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Birthday Morning Tradition
Both boys have come to expect waking up to a doorway draped with colorful streamers.  This time, I decided to not only hang the streamers vertically, but horizontally also.  That way, the birthday boy has to rip out of his room in the morning and welcome in his new year. 
Last night, I heard my (then) 10 year old ask in a sleepy voice from bed, "I wonder if I'll have streamers on my door in the morning?"
He woke, now 11 years old, and quickly ripped through the green crepe papers to start off his day.
This is a tradition my boys have come to love and expect. 
And I enjoy it as much as they do.
Happy 11th Birthday, Austin!
(I had fun on our adventure tonight, too.)

1 comment:

Tasha said...

That is such a fun tradition!! What kid wouldn't love that? I know my boys would. I am going to remember this! You are such a fun Mom. :)

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