Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Tonight was a perfect opportunity for a Mommy Date...
a.k.a. "Adventure" in our family.
I think it is so important to have one-on-one time with your kids.  It doesn't have to be anything big or expensive... 
just togetherness and lots of fun! Something special that you don't do every day.  Something unexpected.
While Dad was with the big brother at baseball practice, Derek and I decided to hit Der Dutchman Bakery in the town we were in.  If you aren't familiar with this name, it is an Amish family restaurant that serves nothing but the best in homemade goodness.
And tonight, that came in the form of purchasing some doughnuts for tomorrow....  A dozen to be exact.

      We did have to split one up when we got home just to, "make sure they tasted OK".  Trust me... they are just fine.  The teachers will be treated in the morning when the boys share some at school.

We had 2 hours to kill, so we walked around the Carlise gift shop (attached to the restaurant) and found some really cool replica vintage toys and games. 
I couldn't help but pick up two of these Mr. Mystery books for the boys.  Anyone else remember spending hours decoding these pages with the invisible pen? 

Then we came across some of these Bingo Games to play with in the car. I had some of these as a child and remember playing them, on long road trips, in the back seat of our station wagon.

In a generation full of electronics, it's nice to introduce our kids to a few good-ol'fashioned games.
Chargers, plugs and batteries... not included!!

Next stop on our "Adventure": McD's.
The little guy wanted Mini-Cinnamon Rolls for a snack.  
Coffee for Mom.

We worked on homework, started the Mr. Mystery book, and watched out the window as the rain turned to snow.  We had a ton of fun just talking, catching up, sharing the events of the day, and listening fully to each other.

I recommend an "Adventure", of any kind,
at your earliest convenience.

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