Saturday, January 14, 2012

~through different eyes~

Lego Football:

My boys like to play with the Lego Mini-figures more than the actual Lego blocks these days.  I often find them playing what they like to call, "Lego Football".  They make up new plays, run them and then reset. I love to grab my camera to capture them playing together, using their imaginations, helping each other come up with new ideas, and just having fun.  

When I look back at my pictures I used to notice all the scratches in our one coffee table and think to myself how nasty they looked and how I needed to get them resurfaced someday soon.  That was, until I read a comment somewhere (wish I could remember where!!) that changed the way I see these pictures now.

Instead of focusing my attention on all of the nicks and scratches and marks all over this table and being concerned, I now see things through different eyes.  Each mark represents time spent together playing, sharing, loving, learning, fighting, creating.  I want my children to live in a home that lets them do exactly that.... be children

There will come a day when our hallways will not have little red paint marks where a football has been passed, our carpet will be spotless, our living room will not have toys scattered about, our garage will be in perfect order with all the bikes and balls put exactly where they go.  But that is not today. Or anytime soon.  



Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying your blog every time I read it. You are blessed to have such caring sons. The pictures you post are adorable, I love them all. Look forward to reading more. You are sincerely in love with your husband and children and sharing your gratitude is a blessing to me.

~Kelly~ said...

I am very blessed! Thanks for leaving a note!

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