Wednesday, June 13, 2012

~just grandma.... and one hot date~

"Chef Derek" with "Just Grandma"

When the kids were old enough to talk, we had a huge decision to make.  This decision would last a lifetime, so it had to be made with great care and lots of thought. 

What are the kids going to call our parents? 

Was it going to be Grandma and Grandpa? Mamaw and Papaw? Nana and Papa? Nanna, mimi, granna, pa-pa, paw-paw, granny, grandad...

We settled on "Just Grandma" and "Grandpa".  I always called both sets of my grandparents Grandma and Grandpa and my husband did as well.  If the children started calling them something on their own, we would have gladly allowed whatever term they came up with.  But, they did not and we have always just used these simple traditional names. 

My mom had joked once that she didn't want a slang nickname, she wanted to be called "Just Grandma."  So, every now and then we'll sign a card or address a letter to, "Just Grandma."

Thank you, "Just Grandma", for taking the boys home to stay with you and Grandpa for a couple of days of fun.  It's a much needed little vacation for them (and us) and I know you'll have a blast together.

And the best part of this little stay:
Guess what the hubby and I just did for an exciting date without the kids??  This is big time.... fun stuff, I tell ya!

You ready???
We headed to the library and turned in our Adult Summer Reading Forms. We filled out some trivia papers and author searches to try to win a Kindle. Then we looked at newspapers and browsed the shelves, kid free.  Ten years ago this might not have sufficed as a good date in my book.

But guess what?

IT...... WAS....... AWESOME!! 

Alrighty. Time for you to share.

What do your children call your parents??


Amber said...

Sounds like my kind of hot date! We're 'just Grandma' over here too.

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

Sounds like my kinda date :) Funny how dates are totally different after kids.

Reece calls my mom and dad nana and papa and my husband's mom and dad are called nono and granddad. They picked those titles, not us :)

Enjoy your little vacation.

Heather aka Proud Mama said...

I also grew up calling them grandma and grandpa and was rather surprised when I discovered that other people had different names for them. My husband had a pap, so my kiddos do too. My dad wanted to be GrandDad, so he is. Eamon decided Pap's wife was no longer grandma but Gram. So in a crazy mixed up way, we have Grandma and GrandDad, Gram and Pap and Grandpa. Phew! So glad you had a lovely date. It is funny how these things change!

Melissa said...

OK, that sounds like an awesome date!

Mine and my husbands parents are divorced, so my boys had 8 grandparents. My oldest was the first grandchild, so he kind of dictated the names. So we have Mamaw & Frank, PopPop & Mellie, Susu and Papa and Grandpa Tommy and Grand Millie...whew! I like that they are each so different and unique to the person.

Lisa Coffee said...

Well, Steve and I both come from divorced parents. Out of his brother and my sister, we are the last to have kids so the grandparent names were already set. On my side we have: Nana & Poppy and Grandaddy & Grammie. And my grandparents are still living so Zinnia calls them what I've always known them as: Memaw & Grandpop. On Steve's side we have the more traditional: Grandma and Grandpa & Grandma Mary.
Yep, count 'em that's 9 Grandparents in our big, unconventional family.

And you know what, your date sounds absolutely wonderful. A few months ago we used our date time to wander around a book store and I loved it.

~Kelly~ said...

It's awesome seeing how different each family is! Thanks for sharing. (And how wonderful for these big families with so much love!)

simona said...

We said Oma & Opa (this is German) to both sets, and the tradition is kept on so far with some slight pronunciation issues by my nephew for the time being :)
How cute that it became "Just Grandma", and what a sweet picture that is!

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