Tuesday, June 12, 2012

~how to feed 19 fish in the sea~

Gift giving is one of my favorite times to be creative.  It seems as though we have numerous birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, teachers gifts, and coaches to appreciate through the year. 

The end of this past school year I wanted to make something extra special for Derek's teacher.   His teacher has been absolutely awesome and has made learning more fun than any other teacher either of my kids have ever had.  To say she is amazing is an understatement.  We felt so blessed that each day Derek wanted to go to school because he was excited for the next day or project or lesson.  

After putting some thought into what we wanted to make, we headed for the store to pick up a frame (2 opening 5x7 frame, mat removed, turned horizontal) and some stickers.  That's the fun part... picking up inexpensive supplies ($5.00 total!!) that you turn into something beautiful, unique and personal. We went with a fish theme because Mrs. Carpenter loved fishing and I knew we could play on the "school" theme.   

Derek picked out each fish for every kid and placed them right where he wanted them to "swim".  Mrs. Carpenter was the biggest fish and he put her right up top in the middle with all of her "school" around her. (Notice how Derek put himself right next to her... loved it!!) Then we added bubbles, pearls, waves, shells, and starfish. I wanted to have him write all the names, but he wanted me to because the names had to be so small to fit. 

My favorite part was adding the "School" Year 2011-2012 to the bottom left corner. 

We made sure to include the students that "swam" away through the year and the new students that joined the "school" mid-year.

Wrapping the gift and the presentation is just as much fun as making the gift itself.  We added a fish to the envelope and some bubbles going upward.

Derek added his message to the inside of the handmade card and I left a note on the right side.   Again, we added a fish and played on her name, Mrs. "Carp"enter, and told her, "You are 'O-Fish-ally' the best teacher!" Then we wrapped everything up in lots of bubble-wrap and brown craft paper with twine.  There was also a Snickers bar taped on top. Derek had to add her favorite candy bar.

Derek was so excited to take the package to his teacher the next day.  All of her "school" came "swimming" over to watch her open her gift.  She loved it!  The kids enjoyed seeing their own fish/name and remembering the few who "swam" away through the year.  Lots of tears and hugs and thank yous and laughs were shared. 

Thank you, Mrs. "Carp"enter, for feeding our little fish and encouraging him to flap his fins daily.  You've taught him so much, made learning fun, and he truly knows that there is no limit to how far he can swim in life.
Oceans of love to you,
Mama Fish

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Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

Oh my this is so very lovely, what a wonderful idea and an amazing gift.

Love it!

swanski said...

I bet the teacher will treasure this gift forever! I love how thoughtful the gift was yet only pennies to make!

Amber said...

Oh Goodness! That's just the sweetest thing ever, Kelly!!

Lisa Coffee said...

Oh that is too cute. And the best part... I Love you best teacher in the world.
I'm sure she loved it.

Heather aka Proud Mama said...

What a great gift. So much better than anything she has ever received I would bet. Great job to you both.

~Kelly~ said...

Thank you ladies! Derek and I did have a fun time making and giving it to his teacher.

Lisa.. loved that comment he wrote, as well. :)

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