Sunday, April 8, 2012

~Scavenger Hunt Screw Up~

I wake to the sound of a plastic egg trying to be snapped shut.
I open my eyes and nudge my husband to let him know the kids are awake.
A few seconds later, Derek comes running into our bedroom, excited as can be.

And here's what happens:

Derek: "Guess what? The Easter Bunny came and left an egg in my closet and it told me to look in my shoe and I found an iTunes gift card!!!"

Mom:  "Did you find any other eggs, too?"

Derek: "Nope, just the one in the closet."

Mom:  "Hmmmmm.  What's the first thing you did when you got up?"

Derek: "Got my clothes on."

Mom: "So, you got up and went straight to your closet for your clothes and then you found an egg?"

Derek: "Yep!"

Mom: "OK?!?! Go see if you can find any more."

Derek: eagerly runs out of parent's bedroom

Mom: (leans over and whispers to Dad) "So, he managed to MISS the FIRST egg the Easter Bunny left right by his bed on the floor, leading him through an entire scavenger hunt through the whole house?!?!  He ends up finding the LAST egg the Easter Bunny left on said scavenger hunt, leading him to his prize right away?? Wow!  I can't believe that."

Dad: smiles and laughs

Derek: (enters back into parent's bedroom) "Guess what?"

Mom: "What?"

Derek: "He did leave me more eggs.  They are in all different places.  But there aren't any more prizes."

Mom: "That's great, honey."

Austin: (enters room) "Hey thanks for the iTunes card, Mom & Dad."

Mom: "Don't thank us...thank the Easter Bunny."

Austin: "Yeah, whatever.  Hey, I mean it.  Thanks guys."

Derek: (looks up strangely at big brother)  "Um, it wasn't from them Austin!  It's from the Easter Bunny."

Austin: "Oh, yeah, sure Derek.  Right. I forgot." (gives mom a ~look~)

Derek:  "We got a whole basket of stuff, too, Mom!"

Mom: "And where was that, Derek?"

Derek: "Right by my bed next to one of those eggs."

Mom: "I see.  Well, maybe the Easter Bunny wanted you to open THAT egg first and then you would have gone on a scavenger hunt to find the other eggs that led you to your iTunes card."

Derek: "Oh, THAT would have been fun!"

Oh yes, my sweet child.  That would have been fun. :)

Next year I'll have to remember to tell the Easter Bunny to make a huge *START HERE* sign.  That is... if the big brother decides to keep his mouth shut long enough for one more visit.  

~Hope you all had a lovely Easter!~ 


Melissa said...

Ha! Big brother will be too busy perfecting "that" look. Hey! He did thank you, right? That's cool. My boys got itune cards too!

Anonymous said...

I always look forward to the next adventures at your house. Those two boys of yours are lucky to have such loving (and creative) parents. Wonder what life at your house will be like when they are teens (and more than that, when they are both old enough to drive and go on dates). You're in for some exciting years ahead with those two, but i sure will be lots of fun. Wish I lived next door to your family, it would be interesting to watch them growing up. Take care and God bless each of you.

Amber said...

Ha! That made me laugh :) Have a great Monday, Kelly!

cpcable said...

Oh dear! The best laid plans, right? Sounds like they had fun at least!

Laura Emily said...

hahah! Awww....well, at least he thought your plan WOULD have been fun, right? Still makes the work and effort worth it? :)

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

Oh my, this is too funny!!! Love it!

Lisa Coffee said...

Oh! Love the recap. Too funny and so typical at the same time. Love it!

~Kelly~ said...

Glad you enjoyed the recap, ladies. And yes... it was well worth it, either way! Thanks for dropping in and sharing a comment. I appreciate each and every one!

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