Wednesday, April 4, 2012

~opening day~

Tomorrow is a holiday in our house.
It's on the calendar.
We take off work early.
We grill out and have lots of goodies to snack on.
We'll eat Peanuts and Hot Dogs and Ice Cream from our Cincinnati Reds cap bowls. 
We love baseball...
and especially our Cincinnati Reds!!

They boys are deciding which shirt to wear.
Bruce, Votto, Phillips, Cueto, or Rolen.
They have them all... in red or black.
I've got my flip-flops ready. 
Just need to paint the toes.

We surprised Austin last summer and redecorated his room one weekend when he was staying with his grandparents.  His room was originally a peach color.  We got by telling him it was "light orange" for long enough.  Our boys have more OSU and Reds stuff than we have room for.  So, it was only fitting to keep with similar colors and stick with the sports theme. 

The pennants in the first picture were something I found at a local store years ago.  I snatched them, just wasn't sure what to do with them at the time.  So, when we redecorated his room I wanted to incorporate them somehow.  I decided to hot glue little clothespins on the backs of each one and hang them from twine in his window.  Austin separated them between the two leagues... American and National.  Now he can move them around and keep track of their standings all year. He's all about the stats!!  (I've recently bought gray blinds that hang under the pennants, too, for privacy. They just aren't in these pictures.)

This old printers drawer use to hold my mom's miniature collection.  I thought it would be perfect next to Austin's desk so he could display some of his Lego and Halo guys.  It's usually empty... as they are often found scattered about the house.     

Just thought I'd share a quick peek inside his room.
I'm off to bed now.
Can't wait for 4:05 p.m. tomorrow!
Sweet dreams of home-runs...
Go REDS!!!


Melissa said...

We're more basketball fans (college ball) at our house. I love watching movies about baseball and I like going to games, but I'm not so good watching them on TV. However, I do watch the world series - Go figure. Your sons room is all boy and I'm sure he loves it. Have fun!

Amber said...

Have fun! I have to wonder, what color are you painting your toe nails? And I wonder what life will be like with an older boy? So different from my daughter, I suspect...

Heather aka Proud Mama said...

I am also curious about the nail color. My dad is a baseball lover. He always has the radio on during the season. He and my mom have season tickets to the college team.

My sons' room had pennants hung on the wall. We have minor and major league ones that we picked up at games or had friends send. Love a glimpse of his room.

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

Have fun!!!!

~Kelly~ said...

Melissa~ We are huge college basketball fans, too. Of course, we were bummed when OSU got beat out last week!

Amber & Heather~ RED, of course! :) But it was too cold to wear the flip flops.

Kim~ Thanks! We did... too much! ;)

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