Monday, March 19, 2012

~Sunday Storms~

Sunday morning was just gorgeous.  Beautiful skies, warm air, and a perfect day to enjoy the weather outdoors.  After getting some things finished around the house, we decided to run a few errands.

We stopped by the park on the way home and let the kids explore and wear off some of that constant boy energy.

 The clouds were lovely on the ride home.  Fluffy and delicious... like cotton candy.  We had the sunroof open, radio cranked, and were enjoying the wonderful day together and the awesome weather.


We got home.

It just hit us.  The wind was gusting and the rain came down in buckets.  More like swimming pools.  Or rivers.

And it came...

And it came harder...

Then the hail started.  At first it was really cool.  We ran into the master bedroom to shut the window. I went ahead and left it open at first... letting the boys feel the mist of the storm through the screen. Then the hail came down harder.  The sound of it ricocheting off the grill and the patio furniture got extremely loud. It got a little scary... for us all. 
I decided I should go ahead and shut the window.

After the storm died down we decided to head outdoors to check out the damage.  It looked like it had rained for days, even though this storm had moved out just as fast as it came in.

The water had completely covered the drains along the side of the road.  You could see the water swirling where the holes to the drains lay. 

 The sun appeared again as we walked to the end of the road to check out the neighbor's yards.  It could have been worse.  And we are thankful that it was not.

Later that evening, our oldest son came out of his bedroom while doing homework to ask us a question.  He just finished reading The Terrible Wave and was working on a few assignments pertaining to the book.

He asked us if there was any "good" that could come out of a natural disaster.

Of course there is.  Whether it be a tornado, earthquake, hurricane, etc., there is always good that can come from it.

Community.  A comminity working together, supporting, caring, comforting, rebuilding.  That is the good.

We explained how even with our storm we had that evening, we saw our community coming together.  Neighbors were outside checking on eachother, people were using garbage can lids to scoop out water close to houses, tractors from local farms came into town to help clear out drains and move the water. 

There is good all around us. 

We just need to see it.


Melissa said...

Wow! That was a big one! I'm so glad everyone is OK. I'm also glad that you were able to point out the positive.

Tracey said...

We had the same kind of storm here yesterday and had the power knocked out along with it.
I love the lesson you told your son about good coming out of natural disasters because it really does.
When Hurricane Hugo hit SC and and nearly wiped out a town, I saw first hand people who had lost everything reaching out to help neighbors...still makes me cry just thinking of it.

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

That was quite the storm.

I totally agreew with you there is good everywhere, we just need to see it.

Glad the storm didn't do too much damage.

Kristen said...

Glad you made it home just in time and didn't get stuck out in all that. Quite a storm...glad you are all safe!

~Kelly~ said...

Melissa and Kim~ Yes... I'm also glad everyone was OK.

Tracey~ I remember when that happened.. my grandmother lives in Myrtle Beach. It is so sad when people loose everything but amazing how people pull together to rebuild.

Kristen~ Yes... I am glad we made it home and didn't get stuck out in it!! I didn't even think about that~ The park wouldn't have been as fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you guys are all right. We had a pretty big hailstorm where I live but it wasn't as huge as yours! I'm glad your family is ok and I really loved the lesson you taught your son!! Love the blog! (:

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