Tuesday, March 13, 2012

~Pi Day~

Tomorrow is March 14th, otherwise known as "Pi Day" at school.
All the teachers wear the symbol on their shirts.
They have "pizza pie" for lunch.
Kids are encouraged to bring in pie's to share and eat.
There are various games and activities they do all day to celebrate.

My son said my cookies just weren't going to cut it for "Pi Day".  He wanted to know if I could, "whip up a real quick pumpkin or apple pie to share because the people who bring in pie's get to trade and pick first what kind of pie they want to eat."

Then I reminded him that he doesn't even like pie.

"Oh yeah."

So, I think I'll just pack an extra cookie in his lunch instead.

Happy Pi Day! 

(Or cookie day, if you prefer!!)

And if you aren't sure what Pi is you can click here .


Melissa said...

Don't you just love how their logic works? Happy Pi Day!

Ashley Spriggs said...

Wow! I did not know this. I was at the school and saw the teachers wearing 3.14 shirts but had no idea what they were for! Ayden never mentioned it either, so his class must not know either=(

I'm glad I read youe blog...Now I know! Hope you are enjoying this beautiful day.

~Kelly~ said...

Melissa~ Yeah... sometimes I really wonder what goes through their minds!! And guess what?!? He came home from school today and said he likes pie now. Go figure!

Ashley~ Oh no!! Well, I wouldn't have either if it weren't for Austin being at the Middle School. And he didn't remind us about it until yesterday. I don't think the elementary does anything since they don't learn about it until 5th grade. I am LOVING this beautiful day!! Hope you did, too!

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