Thursday, March 29, 2012

~Easter treats for kids~

Tomorrow will be the last day of school for the kids before Spring Break.  Derek's class will be having a little celebration at school and the teacher asked if I'd send in some treats for the kids.
I can't wait for her to ask.
I pounce on the opportunity to contribute and go in to volunteer. 
I'm one of *those* moms. 
And I'm proud of it!  

This year, we decided to make Carrots and Bunny Tails.

*Warning... Picture overload below*

Goldfish Carrots

Marshmallow Bunny Tails

All we needed to buy at the grocery was the Goldfish crackers and the Marshmallows.  I had everything else on hand, including the Wilton Carrot Baggies and ties.  I love grabbing things the year before when they are on Clearance... right after the holiday.  It's just a matter of remembering that I have them that next year! 

Wilton Carrot Labels and Ties

It was a perfect opportunity for some Math fun, too.  Since Derek is studying measurements in school, we used the 1/4 cup and he had to scoop out two helpings per bag. 
So, each carrot holds 1/2 cup of crackers.

Next, we moved onto making the Bunny Tails.  I've seen these made with the Large Marshmallows before, but we opted to buy the mini ones for the younger kids.  I didn't have the heart to put "Baby Bunny Tails" on the labels, though.  It just sounded really wrong!!

I made and printed off a sheet of paper to make labels.  We used a scalloped scissor to cut them out. 
Derek picked the bunny image.  It seemed fitting when they were stapled onto the baggies.  It looks like the bunny is spooked a bit! Thinking,"Oh no...... where's my tail?!?" 

He wrote who they were from on the back of each label. It was tricky trying to explain to him how he had to write his name upside-down before we folded and attached them. 
Just glad I printed off extra.....
we had 5 that were "practice" ones. :)

 We dropped them down into some festive Easter bags this morning and he was off for school to deliver the treats!

As the bus pulled away, I couldn't help but wonder how many treats would actually make it to school not smashed...
or uneaten!

Now...Head on over to Creation Corner or Today's Creative Blog or Craft-O-Maniac for some other crafty ideas!


Melissa said...

Very cute! I love me some goldfish. They are possibly the most perfect snack.

Amber said...

He looks so proud to be entrusted to deliver them. It's really cool how you included him in so much of the process. And I really love the 'worried' bunny. He just makes the whole thing.

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

He looks so happy with the treat bags :) Bet he had a ton of fun and bet the kids at school enjoyed the treats.

Heather aka Proud Mama said...

I think you rock the role of "that mom." I sometimes forget when I buy ahead too.

Yasmin said...

Great Easter treats there Kelly. He looks so happy with the bags, such a pleased expression on his face.
Yasmin x

~Kelly~ said...

They were a huge hit with the other kids in the class! So glad we made them together... it was fun!

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