Tuesday, March 27, 2012

~I'm guilty...~

Don't ask me why.
I'm just guilty of doing it.
It all started in December.
And it is still happening today.
I was guilty just last night.
And this morning.
I don't even know exactly what it is that draws me so much.
Is it the variety?
The ability to do it wherever I want.
Whenever I want.
It's an addiction.
And I just can't stop.

I'm guilty of cheating on my library....

with my Nook.

I stopped into the library yesterday and you should have seen the looks I got.
The questions I was bombarded with.
The stares.
They all know.
They've heard.
They've seen my empty account in their computers.

But I'll tell you what...
No matter how much I love my Nook ,
So, I left with my arms full.
With a long receipt that could touch the floor.
And a smile.

Anyone else guilty of neglecting your library?
Come on...
Be honest.
Fess up...


Swanski said...

nothing can replace the feeling of walking out with a pile of books from the library :) We don't visit as much as we used to but we enjoy it when we do!

Heather aka Proud Mama said...

I don't feel like I am cheating as much, since I borrow books from the library to read on my Nook - does that count?? Oh, I do love the heft of books though. Some books are meant to be head and poured over. So glad you came home with a pile.

lauren said...

I love books,and the real print is awesome to have too but nooks are always cool. Keep posting!!! :)

~Kelly~ said...

Karen~ I agree! Great feeling! The bigger the pile, the better the feeling, too. :)

Heather~ Yes that counts! I got a paper yesterday so I can learn how to "check them out" from my Nook. This technology is amazing!

Lauren~ I really enjoy the printed copies of Cookbooks, How-To's, and Magazines. And OLD books... love the look, feel, and smell. But yes... Nooks are pretty cool!

Tracey said...

Ha, I called my sister the other da and told her I think our mother gave us a problem because we are all addicted to books! I have a Kindle, but still order books online. I live a fair distances from the library, they keep weird hours and when I do make it, they never have what I want! For me it's just easier to buy! :)

Melissa said...

I love the feel of a book in my hands. I love turning the page and the surprise on the next page...of watching it all unfold.

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

I am a "gotta have the book in my hand" kinda person. I love feeling it, turning the pages and having it in my hands.

I am not much of a library person, it is 30 minutes to the nearest one. I tried taking Reece a few times, but it was just too quiet. A friend told me recently I was going to the wrong one, apparently the big one, which is farther away from us has a great kids section and the noise level is high. We might check it out one day, but for now we usually buy most of our books or swap with other families.

~Kelly~ said...

Tracey~ Heheehe! Never a problem being addicted to books. Could be something worse, huh!? ;)

Melissa~ Very well put. Love the unfold comment.

Kim~ Wow... long way to your library! I can see why you buy or borrow. Reece will love it if you can find one with an awesome children's section. My kids have always loved going and picking out new finds. There is always something for everyone!

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